Share with family and friends.
Step 2.
Invite friends and family to help fund the vacation gift. Guests will share "well wishes" and are given a gift announcement card, letting you know what gifts have been purchased.
Our wedding guests thought it was a great idea. 
Thank you for pulling this together!   - Kelly & Brad S. 
Each purchase is a contribution towards the vacation package. Any residual funds will be 
sent directly to you.
Receive gifts.
Step 1.
Reserve the vacation.
Place a deposit on a handpicked air-inclusive vacation reservation to include sightseeing 
activities more than 
6 weeks in advance.
Step 3.
Here's how to go fund a vacation 
Your registry service worked out perfectly!
Go Fund A Fabulous Vacation or Honeymoon
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Your vacation. Your event. Your style.
When you give a gift of travel it gives perfect means for those celebrating life's important milestones; an anniversary, a 50th Birthday. The gift can be to simply show how much you love and appreciate that special someone!  When you go fund a vacation it's as easy as booking a trip with 'IMINA Travel & Events and rest assured your surprise will be well taken care of.
Give a Vacation To Someone
'IMINA Travel & Events Honeymoon Registry allows you to pre-book what you want to do on your romantic vacation. From horseback riding to golfing to cultural sightseeing tours to snorkel tours, your guests will choose something special that they would like to give you as a wedding gift, Unlike getting envelopes with checks or gift cards at your celebration, a Honeymoon Registry allows you to plan ahead for extras such as tours and activities, upgrades, or an exclusive romantic dinner. A honeymoon registry by 'IMINA Travel & Events provides family and friends the comfort of knowing they contributed to the unique and authentic experiences handpicked by you.
Get a Honeymoon Registry
Buy Now Pay Later
Simply put, layaway your getaway! If you know when you want to take your own vacation and ready to book but still need to do some saving, I’ll help you pick the right vacation package to lock-in today’s great rates with only a nominal down payment.  
If you know someone deserving of a vacation and you're ready to go fund it, this is the place to start.  
Just fill out the form below and tell us why they could use a special getaway.